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Managing Your Desk

When you first get your recruiting business off the ground, you’re focused on pretty basic things: #1, get a job order, and #2, submit a candidate they will interview. Once you accomplish those two goals, you’re off to the races. But as your recruiting business starts to grow, so too do the data inputs – …

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Making Job Offers

Making Job Offers That Go Unaccepted

If you work as a direct-hire only recruiter, this metric should scare the crap out of you: It certainly does me. Because these are my numbers. You read it right, in the past month, I’ve had 5 offers rejected by candidates. That’s upwards of $140,000 in profit I’ve lost out on (at an average placement …

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job interview tips

Tips for Job Seekers

Few things in life cause as much anxiety as job interviews. Think about it: you’re being asked to “audition” for the opportunity to earn a living doing work for somebody else. As a job seeker, you must convince an organization that you are A) qualified, B) responsible, C) better than anyone else they are interviewing …

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