Direct Hire Placement 101

Recruiting – Direct Hire Job Security – 28 Billion Dollar Industry – Fee based revenue for talent. That is a human job with the ability to build relationships and sell.

Deal Cycle – 5 key steps:

Job Order – Commitment from client to evaluate my candidate for an open position. Recruit – Find people that fit the job order Submit – Permission from candidate to represent them. Interview – Send outs – Schedule the meeting Placement – Offer is accepted by candidate and employer

Pro-Tip: Everything flows through the process and happens at the same time with multiple candidates and job orders.

Tracking – Submittals, Interviews, Placements (This is strictly a numbers game. Set numbers and work right to left.)

The Formula: Fillable Job Order + Fee-Eligible Candidate (somebody worthy of a fee) + Luck (opportunity meets preparation) = placement

Job Orders and Candidates

Your main objective is to choose a focused industry, skillset or both. Industry: Construction Skill/Function/Talent : Project Manager Find the Job Posting – Then find the candidate. Side note: The best candidates are not looking for jobs (they are working).

After finding the job posting answer these questions Do I have any connections to this company? What are they looking for exactly? Any nuances? Who posted it? Who is the hiring manager? Check LinkedIn as they are the buyer – HR managers are not always the hiring managers. You can not secure the job order without the hiring manager.

Fee Eligible Candidates

Track record of success Strong communication skills Presents well Currently Employed Look for resumes that POP! Find them on – Indeed, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Monster Indeed – You may search for free – or pay 100/mo for a set number of contacts information LinkedIn Recruiter – Gives you ample tools to develop more touchpoints = more $$$ Pin Down the people I want to reach out to (What are the keywords that are going to make a difference in my industry?) – Keep filtering How to connect with fee eligible candidates. RocketReach has a set number of searches to find the contact email for anyone that has LinkedIn. Upgrade your account on LinkedIn. Super Powerful – but expensive. Plan to spend at least 50.00-100.00 a month for upgraded accounts. Do not reach out to Hiring managers unless you have a candidate ready. This is the most effective approach.

Building the Relationship with Candidate

1 Intro Phone Call – Build Trust, Learn more about their work. This is where you will determine if they are a fee-eligible candidate.

2 Right to Represent – Do not send resumes anywhere without consent.

3 Follow Up – Commit to keep them informed throughout the process. “If I send your resume out I will let you know what feedback I get even if I don’t get any feedback.”

4 Set Expectations – Open Communication, Keep eachother updated (another job offer), and NO GAMES!

Notes: No need to meet face to face with candidates, check where they have worked, how their communication skills are, who they are and what makes them sellable. This is a partnership, you are not selling them, so be agreeable. If they agree that you can hunt for them… then… Make a list – 5 or 10 Job postings that our candidate is a fit for. Campaign to send their resume When communicating, understand you have the – Power of a great candidate In-Demand Not About you Don’t Oversell You have a great hand, no need to bluff. Let the objective facts do their job.

Pro-Tip (No such thing as a perfect fit) – Everyone hates this saying, yet people say it all the time…

The Fee Agreement

Easy to Understand Replacement fee guarantee (Do not do 100% refunds) Payment terms This is a 2-3 Page document that details how the fee is broken down. You do not necessarily need a fee agreement. Make sure you are checking your boxes though. Green light from hiring manager to seek out candidates. Position is high-priority The manager is responding to your submissions – one way or another. The manager has engaged with a candidate that you have submitted.

Submitting candidates

You can submit via email like everyone else. / or use a Cloud based folder for Comments or notes on resume and you can see if the manager has looked at it.

Scheduling Interviews

If the interview doesn’t happen it’s your fault! (TAKE OWNERSHIP) Get everyone’s schedule lined up. Interviews are the next best thing to currency. Interviews make you in business! Send Calendar Invites – Be very specific – who is calling who – what time – and request confirmations If they have not accepted it, assume they are not going!!!!

Pipeline – Circle back and find more sheep for your flock. Getting more job orders, getting more candidates. For one job order – you can have Not interested, Submitted, Interviews happen, Candidate submits. Make the deal happen! – Put your SALES hat on! Pre-close your candidates By far the most important thing you will do!!!! Walk them through the counter-offer scenario. Just SAY NO! (There is a whole philosophy around this) Have they talked to their spouse? Benefits – PTO from company Get a firm commitment from them! All of this should happen before the offer is even talked about.

Making the offer

Get Verbal Acceptance 2 weeks notice Not Staying Get an offer letter – so they know that they have a job lined up! Send the offer letter Confirm the start date Stay Connected to the candidate to make sure that everything is still on-course. Have the facts This is the most they will pay This is the most they will accept Be unbiased and objective

Getting Paid

Net 30 Terms W-9 Form signed from accounting Invoice / Collections / Accounts receivable teams – No delay Guarantee – Remember this – Replacement or a portion of the fee.

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